The EMMI MEDIATECH created in 1979 to serve every facet of our library in a wide range
of media from all current formats of books, posters, audio cassettes, vinyl, optical discs and
magnetic media to format Blu-ray Disc and electronic documents.

EMMI MEDIATECH was implanted for our own research in the time of S.U.N.S. and now for
all members, students of the RTT Ministry.

EMMI Member can access our catalogue on location only and cannot be used outside of our
EMMI have a large selection of books, revues, magazines, audio, photos and videos in our
Mediatech department at the R.T.T. Ministry. Our media are
NOT all faith event if you will find
a lot of it on that topic, but also many profane like comedies, love stories, dramas etc.

It have to be use on our premise. To accommodate our members we have 4 TV's with DVD
Players and Tape Deck plus 2 portable casette-CD players.

NB: All have home use licence only, unless you are consulting an Open Source Media see
Visit the mediatech today and our cinema room.(Home Bible Members Only)